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10 Relationship Tips That Happy Couples Follow Every Day

A lot of couples struggle to make their relationships work – long-term. But, relationships don’t have to be hard and full of emotional pain. Here are 10 relationship tips that happy couples follow every day. Follow these simple and easy to learn tips and you’ll be on your way to love and relationship bliss.

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10 Signs That Your Partner Isn’t Listening To You

Would your relationship improve if your partner listened more? If you’re like most couples, you can answer yes to that question. Discover 10 signs that your partner isn’t listening to you and what you can do to turn around this serious issue that threatens your relationship.

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Stop Wasting Your Time Asking Why You And Your Partner Fight

If building a successful long-term relationship is a goal of yours, then stop wasting your time asking why you and your partner fight. Instead, find out why it’s more important that you and your partner are on the same page. In this video, you’ll learn why sameness should be your most important relationship goal.

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The Couples’ Guide To Stress-Free Morning Routines

In this video discover the couples guide to stress-free morning routines. If your family’s morning routine is causing you distress and starting to impact your relationship, then you’re not alone – many couples are in the same boat. Find out what you can do to stay connected with your partner during stressful mornings.

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How I Saved My Marriage: My Story As A Couples Therapist

This is the story of how I saved my marriage. Despite all of my experience and training as an online couples therapist, my own marriage faced trouble – twice. But, that didn’t mean I couldn’t make it better. Using two simple and easy to learn strategies, I turned my relationship around. And, I know you can, too!

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Why Your Relationship Needs More Empathy

If you want to stay connected with your partner or spouse, then here’s why your relationship needs more empathy. It helps to think of empathy as the glue that holds it two people together and while it may be in short supply in your relationship, with a little effort you can cultivate all that you’ll need.

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Why It’s Not Too Late To Save Your Relationship

If you’re asking yourself if it’s too late to save your relationship, then it’s time to do something different; it’s time to shift your perception. In this video, see how hope and optimism return to our relationship when we change what we choose to see in our partner and relationship from what isn’t working to what is.

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Everything You Need To Know About Healing From Relationship Trauma

If you’ve ever suffered relationship trauma, then chances are you felt the long-term impacts of the emotional or psychological injury. But, do we all need to suffer endlessly because of the injuries that take place in our relationship? Thankfully, no. With a little effort, we can heal from relationship trauma.

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If You Have Anger Issues, Here’s What You Need To Know

A lot of people suffer from anger issues. And, I know what that's like because I used to suffer from anger issues, too. Thankfully, I've come a long way and I know that you can, too. 'How?' you are probably wondering. Well, in all of my personal and professional...

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The #1 Easiest Way To Build A Better Relationship

If you are anything like me, then self-preservation is an important and instinctual tendency that is not just limited to your physical well-being. It likely also includes your emotional well-being, too. For many of us, maintaining a healthy relationship is vital to...

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The Best Way To Win An Argument With Your Partner

If you’ve ever wanted to know the best way to win an argument with your partner, then you’re going to want to read this. Find out how you can turn relationship discord on its head and leave arguments in your rear-view mirror. Using this little-known method, both you and your partner are going to come out on top!

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How the Side Effects of Antidepressants Are Hurting Your Relationship

If you suffer from depression, then you’ll want to read this post about how the side effects of antidepressants are hurting your relationship. In this post, you’ll learn why Jonathan cautions against long-term use of antidepressants and why the side effects of antidepressants can negatively affect your relationship.

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What Every Parent In A Blended Family Should Know

I come from a blended family Lots of you may find yourself in a blended family, either as a child, or as a parent. That’s isn’t a shocker, considering that more than 50% of families in the U.S. are remarried or re-coupled and that we’re adding 1,300 new step families...

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7 Reasons Why Your Therapist Is Giving You Bad Marriage Advice

I ’m not going to make this an ‘emperor has no clothes’ kind of post. But I do want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at marriage counselling. So, here are 7 reasons why your therapist is giving you bad marriage advice. Now, I know this post may not make me wildly...

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Why Honesty Is The Best Policy For Your Kids And Relationship

We tell our kids that honesty is the best policy. But, are we really showing our kids how to be honest through our actions? Find out why it’s important not only for our children’s development to witness our honesty, but also our relationship. No matter how small the “lie”, the consequences of dishonesty are great.

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The Best Relationship Advice No One Will Tell You

I f you only read one blog post that explains what the best relationship advice you could get is, let this be it.  I am going to share with you the most effective relationship advice I have discovered (in all my time as a couple therapist). I will also give you one...

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Why your husband won’t go to marriage counselling

Are you stuck because your husband won’t go to marriage counselling? If so, you’ll want to read this post about what you can do when marriage counselling doesn’t seem like an option. You’ve probably asked him many times already, but, my in my experiences as a couple therapist, not all hope is lost – he still may go!

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The Easiest Way To Improve Your Relationship

Ever wondered how you can improve your relationship? Building a better relationship can take a lot of work (and effort). However, there is a way that is both fast and simple. Many couples choose to get help from a couples therapist, but you can start from home. Here is the easiest way to improve your relationship.

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Friday Night Fights: What They Are And How To Avoid Them

If your relationship struggles with the same regular fights that mine did, then this story of how Friday Night Fights (like the ones my wife and I had) were impacting our relationship, will mean a lot to you. Thankfully, with effort, we can see the patterns of our fights and learn to avoid them with one simple tip!

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Why Anger Is Ruining Your Relationship – And How To Fix It

This is a story about anger and why anger is so good at ruining relationships. For many couples, anger serves one function – it causes one or both partners to retreat – emotionally. Instead of going down that lonely path, find out why anger is ruining your relationship – and what you can do to fix it.

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