The Couples’ Guide To Stress-Free Morning Routines

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Communication, Marriage counselling, Relationship Tips

The Couples’ Guide To Stress-Free Morning Routines

Is your morning routine so stressful that it’s starting to have a negative impact on your relationship?

This video reveals the simple and effective method I used to go from stressed out dad to happy husband.

If you’re anything like me, the stressful morning routine of getting kids out of bed, fed, and off to school or daycare is more like a rock opera than a symphony.

It’s full of clashes, loud voices, pleas and tears (mostly mine).

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

When it comes to your relationship, you may still have the drama of stressful mornings, but you don’t have to take the blame for it.

Stop Blaming Yourself or Your Partner

The good news is that your partner doesn’t need to take the blame either.

What I like about shifting the blame away from you and your partner for how you treat each other during stressful morning routines is that you give your relationship a chance.

You give your relationship room to breathe.

Stressed out and overtired couples need not shoulder the blame for how they relate to one another in the middle of stressful events like morning routines.

Rather, as partners (and parents), we do so much better when we know that the problem of our relationship discord lies in the situation rather than the individual.

When we stop blaming one another, it becomes much easier to change how we relate to each other during those stressful times such as morning routines.

Wrapping Up

In closing, your homework for the week is to give it a try.

Try reflecting on the idea that the arguing or mistreatment you and your partner engage in is more a consequence of being a stressed-out couple rather than faulty partners. 

Give yourself and your partner a break and shift a little of the blame for how you’re relating to one another onto the situation.

Oh, and before I forget, try talking to your partner about this idea.

Ask what they think.

It’s important to find out if your partner is willing to shift some of the blame away from yourselves and onto the situation.

When you do that, you’ll be halfway to building a better relationship.

At the very least, you’ll be united in the struggle against the difficult life phase called raising young kids.

You’ll probably be more connected to one another, too.

And, for couples, that isn’t a bad thing.

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